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    Fleas do not target or bite humans, but they feed on dogs and cats bugs. So even though humans remain unharmed from their disturbance, still your pets can suffer the

    Why Do You Need Flea Removal In Bendigo?

    Although fleas do not bite us humans still they can cause skin irritation. They are small bugs who have spines and hairs pointed backwards and legs which are spiky. Such characteristics help them to hide amidst fur of animals in your home or surroundings.

    What Are The Problems Caused By Flea Infestation In Bendigo?

    Pets are dear to humans and are an important part of our family. It is a big responsibility to make sure that they are safe from fleas.
    Your pets will not always stay indoors. So while they venture out, they might attract fleas which might trouble them. So, you need to check their fur regularly to ensure that there is no flea infestation in their bodies.
    Fleas might not be harmful for humans but in case they bite you, then you might experience irritation or swelling in that place.
    Pets are much vulnerable to getting diseases from fleas. They can get infected from tapeworms.
    A medical condition known as Flea Allergic Dermatitis or FAD can result in immense discomfort to your pets. If they suffer from this condition, they might feel itchy and can also have pus bumps which can result in their hair loss.
    Flea infestation can also lead to anemia in your pets. In case it its left untreated, it can also lead to life threatening conditions.
    Humans can also get infected with serious diseases due to flea infestation as they are carriers of diseases like bubonic plague virus and Murine Typhus.

    What Are The Commonly Seen Kinds Of Fleas?

    Cat Fleas

    Cat Flea feeds on cat blood and stays in cats fur.
    It is a 3mm long wingless thick which is flattened from both the sides.
    They have thin long legs which are helpful in jumping.

    Dog Flea

    Adults dog fleas feed on dog blood and lives in dog fur.
    They also tend to bite humans.
    They are 1mm to 4 mm long and can measure up to 5mm.

    How To Recognize Flea Bite?

    Flea bites on humans might result in discomfort, distress and irritation however; it might result in much more pain to your pets. So in case your pet is seen scratching its body constantly, then this can be a sign of flea infestation.  Flea in humans can be recognized when you feel itchiness and redness on your skin.

    Get Outstanding Flea Removal In Bendigo Now.

    It is eminent to take a flea infestation seriously.  They may arrive from anywhere in search of warm-blooded animals to feed on. The most eminent indication of fleas is that your pet keeps on scratching its body rigorously and stays uncomfortable. If you notice them scratching their bodies, then check fur instantly and ensure whether they have got infestation.  Also, you need to look out for flea droppings which are red or black in colour and can be seen between the furs of your pets. You can check if there are any larvae, pupae and eggs in your yard area or any other location where you’re pet loves to roam and play around. Additionally you can check for flea droppings on sitting areas and carpets. In case you spot tiny dust like things, then you might be having flea infestation in your home.

    After you are convinced that you have a flea infestation in your home, then take quick steps for combating these fleas then and there.  Make sure that your issue is combated right away.  Eradicating a flea infestation is not an easy task. It is a challenging task to eradicate them as they are tiny in size and can live without food for several days.

    Flea infestation cannot be restricted by killing the adult fleas; you need to instead kill the entire group of larvae, eggs, and cocoons. So, you need a complete flea elimination plan which can be executed to make sure that fleas are eliminated completely.

    Tips For Preventing Flea Infestation In Bendigo

    It is always a good idea to prevent a flea infestation rather than getting a cure for them. To make sure that you do not get flea infestation, you need to regularly check the fur of your pets.
    You need to clean all your rooms, carpets, cracks, crevices, and furniture with upholstery with a vacuum as a first move for preventing flea and other pest infestation. This will help you to kill the fleas, pests and other bugs. Also, you can try creating a 50-degree centigrade or above temperature in probable places where they can breed. Also, you need to clean the fur of your pet with a comb or else, you can consult with a veterinary.
    You need to make sure that the vacuum packet is disposed effectively. It is always wise to incinerate it without opening it.
    You can keep your pet well groomed and its fur trimmed.
    Additionally, you can also try some natural methods like applying some apple cider vinegar mixed along with water and squirt it on the fur of your pet which is infested by fleas. This will help you to eliminate all the fleas.
    You can also try some organic treatment with Diatomaceous Earth or DE which is risk-free and effective and eradicates fleas by dehydrating their bodies completely.
    Lastly, in case all the above give methods of eradicating flea infestation fail, then you need to hire a professional pest controller in Bendigo who can carry out expert procedures to eradicate the fleas completely.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I reduce the number of fleas in or around my house?

    You can reduce the fleas around your home by regular professional flea control services.

    Why do fleas get attracted?

    Fleas get attracted to warm blooded animals as they feed on their blood. So if you have pets in your home, then there are chances of flea infestation.

    Why killing merely adult fleas is enough?

    Although you kill the adult fleas, still their larvae, eggs and cocoons stay back, and can create their next generation. Hence, you need complete annihilation of fleas.

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