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    Reliable And Efficient Borer Removal And Control In Bendigo

    Borers are pesky insects which tend to damage wood timber in the houses. They consume your furniture and also the structural timbers such as flooring, bearers, joists and roofing timbers. In case your home has got borer infestation, then you will always see dust, exit holes, and grass. These borers can cause untreatable damage to the timber flooring and your furniture.  These borers are tiny larvae who grow beneath timber and eat these material which leads to collapsing and destroying of furniture.

    This brief explanation narrates why you borer extermination is a must in Bendigo. It provides end-to-end borer control and also helps you to prevent infestation in future.  We at Pestico Pest Control Bendigo have well trained and qualified professionals who can employ advanced techniques to get rid of borers in your property.

    What Are The Hazardous Impacts Of Borers On Your Health And As Well On Economy?

    Borers are usually known as wood borers who reside in wood. Here are some factors which borers have on our lives

    They can destroy the structural timber in your home or office.
    Borers can destroy wooden fittings or furniture.
    They can infect sapwood and hardwood material with their eggs and making holes in the wood.
    Borers also tend to attack bamboo material as it has high starch content. Also borers tend to attack wooden material like oak, ash, walnut mahogany etc.
    Borers can be commonly spotted in new properties amidst wooden articles like doors, window frames, panels, floors, and plywood.
    Additionally, rather than destroying rural and urban regions, some borer species tend to infest in the branches and vascular bundles.
    Moreover, some borer species behave like hosts and consume rotten timber as their food.
    One of the borer species also attack the forestry material and agriculture material.
    Moreover, borers also destroy wooden logs kept in storage by inducing fungi which attacks wood and spoils it.
    At times, they can be a reason behind forest fires.

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    How To Recognize Borer Infestation?

    Here are some factors which will help you to identify the borer infestation in your home or office.

    Look for ticking voice

    Young borers who form tunnels in the wooden materials make an audible voice like ticking. You need to mindfully hear this voice during night time. This voice is a significant indicator of borer infestation in your home or office.

    Check whether you see any droppings

    The woodworm droppings are made of wood dust build ups which you can see outside the bore holes.

    Sight of tunnels in wooden articles

    Tunnels are small galleries which are a lot difficult to see. However if you notice carefully, then you can see these small tunnels which can indicate borer infestation in your home or office.

    Apart from these, here are some other probable indications of borer infestation.

    Sight of fungus

    Fungus is caused due to the specific species of these borers. In case you notice any fungus on the wood then there is a possibility of borer larvae presence in the furniture.

    Moisture or dampness in the flooring of the room

    In case you notice that there is dampness in room then there are chances of wood borer infestation because they can survive in humid and moist conditions.

    Fragile and damaged floorings

    In case you notice that the flooring has become fragile and damaged, then this is also a sign of borer infestation.

    Wood crumbling

    If you see that there is crumbled wood around or in the corners or roof edges, then there is a possibility of infestation from wood borers.

    Sight of dead beetles

    If you see any dead borer insects near your window frames or timber, then this is also a sign of borer infestation in your home or office.

    Presence of larvae

    Borer larvae are white in colour and have creamy texture. They can be easily seen. So in case you notice these larvae, then this can be due to borer infestation in our home or office.

    Sight of adult worms around and in the window sides

    On gaining maturity, they are attracted towards light. So you can see these worms in the window sides.

    How Can You Treat Borer Infestation In Bendigo?

    You need to be mindful about a number of factors for borer control in Bendigo.  Here are some of the treatments which can be used for treating borer infestation in Bendigo.

    Spot treatment for borer control

    This treatment is one of the most effective borer control methods which is used in Bendigo by experts. You need to regulate and control wooden moisture through proper aeration. Further, you can use the surface covers like paints, polyurethane and water based sealants which are helpful in keeping moisture away from wood and prevent borer infestation in wooden articles.

    Surface treatments

    You can adopt this treatment when borer infestation is limited to just a few articles made of lumber. This treatment prevents built up of borers in wooden articles.

    Freezing temperatures treatment

    This is an eminent technique for protecting small furniture from borer infestation. You can cover your furniture in a wrap made of plastic and freeze it for up to two weeks. Thereafter you can remove it keep it wrapped till it reaches the room temperature. This method keeps the wood away from water marks due to condensation.

    So, are you facing a problem of borer infestation in your home? Then call our experts in Pestico Pest Control Bendigo right away and get best and reliable borer removal service in Bendigo.

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